How does smoking affect potency in men?

It's no secret that bad habits do not bring health benefits, but only harm. Smoking is mistakenly considered the least dangerous habit, but it is not.

After all, tobacco smoke negatively affects absolutely all systems and organs of the human body. And, of course, men's health is also affected. How does smoking affect potency in men? This article will answer this question.

Effects of tobacco smoke on blood vessels

Smoking and potency are incompatible things. This is due to damage to blood circulation, including in the genitals.

Oxygen is the most important component of the vital activity of every cell in the human body. Red blood cells are responsible for supplying oxygen.

So, during each breath in the lungs, the erythrocytes in the pulmonary circulation become saturated with oxygen molecules.

With the next heartbeat, saturated red blood cells are released into the systemic circulation and carry oxygen throughout the body with arterial blood flow.

Once the blood cells (erythrocytes) have given up oxygen, they take up carbon dioxide from the cells and return to the heart with the venous flow.

Once again, the red blood cells are redirected to the small (pulmonary) circulation and in the lungs they are released from carbon dioxide, which is excreted with exhalation.

The same process occurs when smoking, but instead of oxygen, the erythrocytes transport molecules of tobacco smoke saturated with substances harmful to the body:

  1. Carbon monoxide;
  2. acetaldehyde;
  3. Nicotine;
  4. hydrazine;
  5. Ammonia;
  6. Benzene;
  7. Acetone;
  8. Nitrogen oxides;
  9. Formaldehyde;
  10. acrolein;
  11. 2-nitropropane;
  12. Hydrogen cyanide and about 4, 700 other toxic chemical compounds in various proportions.

Nicotine is a substance that leads to addiction and the development of tobacco dependence.

The toxic substances in tobacco also affect the circulatory system.

So, smoking products affect the deposition of cholesterol in the blood vessels, provoke the density of the blood, that is, the risk of thrombosis increases.

Smoking tobacco severely constricts blood vessels, reducing blood flow to small vessels and capillaries throughout the body.

Such processes affect the entire body and are the cause of the development of such diseases and pathologies:

  • Brain (smoking causes headaches, irritability, insomnia, brain cancer, strokes);
  • Gastrointestinal tract (violation of digestive function, loss of appetite, severe intestinal disorder: diarrhea, gastritis, peptic ulcer);
  • Vision (impairment of visual acuity, amblyopia (smoking), cataract);
  • Affects hearing acuity: hearing loss;
  • Teeth (yellow plaque, tooth loss, gum disease);
  • nail plates with a yellow tint;
  • Skin (dark circles under the eyes, grayish skin tone, early wrinkles, skin pigmentation);
  • Cardiovascular system (hypertension, ischemia, heart attack, severe damage and thinning of the walls of blood vessels, edema, varicose veins, gangrene);
  • The combination of smoking and potency is manifested by such pathological processes as impotence, poor sperm motility. In women, the pathology of pregnancy, fetal development, labor activity.

After reviewing this list, you should think about whether the cigarette is worth the risk of developing such consequences.

How does smoking affect potency?

Does smoking affect potency? Impotence in smokers is associated precisely with damage to the vessels that supply blood to the penis.

In addition, the process of deterioration of the state of the blood vessels is observed even in novice smokers and passive smokers (frequent presence in smoke-filled rooms).

In addition, the oppression of the endocrine system affects the state of health of men. During a toxic attack (smoking), the body goes into emergency mode.

The functions of the endocrine glands are reoriented to protect the immune system and other systems of man. But the production of testosterone (the secret that produces the prostate gland) already lacks energy and strength.

The effect of smoking on potency depends on the duration of smoking and the number of cigarettes smoked, but even one cigarette affects erectile activity, reducing it by 20%. Quite often, smoking is combined with frequent use of alcoholic beverages, daily stress.

And temporary impotence can be attributed to nervous work, overwork, but not to smoking. Of course, both stress and alcoholic beverages also affect male strength, but smoking is not the last thing. Quitting smoking can bring back normal erections over time.

Statistical data

How does smoking affect potency? According to statistics, out of 120, 000 middle-aged men (28-52 years old) surveyed, they have temporary or permanent erection problems (impotence). At the same time, only 15% of (impotent) men realized the relationship: smoking and potency in men.

Reduced levels of testosterone inhibit sexual desire, "libido" is reduced to almost zero. This problem should lead a man to the idea of finding out the reason why the potency was impaired.

Abnormal sperm structure due to tobacco addiction

And one of the main causes of erectile dysfunction is the influence of smoking. Thus, smoking 1 pack of cigarettes a day causes male impotence in 60% of cases.

Smoking and impotence are directly related. But in addition, along with erectile function, reproductive function is also altered, that is, smoking worsens sperm quality. According to statistics, in 75% of experienced male smokers, sperm cannot fertilize a female egg.

tobacco dependence treatment

The negative impact of smoking on potency in men makes it necessary to take steps to quit smoking and restore erectile function.

To get rid of nicotine addiction, an impressively experienced smoker lacks willpower, and the withdrawal syndrome is manifested by a significant deterioration in health.

Irritability when quitting smoking in a man

Nicotine withdrawal symptoms are:

  1. Increased appetite;
  2. Irritability;
  3. Inability to concentrate (attention is distracted by thinking about a cigarette);
  4. Anxiety;
  5. Bad mood.

The treatment of this addiction must have an integrated approach that combines the elimination of psychological and physical components.

The psychological factor of nicotine addiction is eliminated by hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, reflexology, medication. In the process of treatment, the urge to smoke decreases.

Reflexology: active point acupuncture can boast great popularity and good results.

This method can significantly reduce the level of dependence, as well as eliminate nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

hypnosis for nicotine addiction

Tobacco addiction is considered stronger than alcohol or drug addiction. 60% of male smokers need professional help. Only 5% of long-term smokers successfully and completely quit without outside help.

Before proceeding with the choice of treatment method, it is necessary to diagnose the health status of the smoker and the severity of nicotine addiction. The severity of the addiction is determined by some psychological tests, for example, the Karl Fagerström questionnaire (Sweden).

The simplified form of the questionnaire consists of three questions:

  • How many cigarettes are smoked per day?
  • How long does it take to smoke the first cigarette?
  • Is there a strong urge to smoke or are there withdrawal symptoms?

These data are enough to find out the true state of the man and choose the method of treatment of him.

Most of the time, smokers try to forget about smoking breaks by replacing them with snacks. In this case, you need to monitor the calorie content so as not to gain weight.

nicotine patch to quit smoking

It is recommended to follow a diet according to the principle of separate nutrition, in small portions, but often.

In this way of eating, you can replace smoking breaks even in time. Mints and lollipops also help, as well as a nicotine patch.


Having given up bad habits, including smoking, the body begins to eliminate nicotine after two hours, on the 2-3rd day tobacco sediment with sputum comes out of the alveoli, the circulatory system already delivers oxygen to the body and no combustion of tobacco . productsThe craving for nicotine disappears in a month.

Along with the restoration of the structure of the walls of the blood vessels, it improves the blood circulation of all organs and systems, including the penis, which means that quitting smoking helps to normalize the potency and quality of sperm.

Therefore, it is worth forcing yourself to give up this addiction and qualitatively improve your lifestyle.

Based on feedback from former smokers, quitting smoking is difficult, but possible. If within six months the smoker has not smoked again, then this time is enough for the complete cleansing of the body and the gradual restoration of all functional abilities.